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We respect and admire our source- the Earth- and conduct extensive means to ensure that each of our ingredients are procured with the highest sustainable, ethical, and qualitative standards in mind.


Our collection is handcrafted using only the finest exotic and nutrient-rich ingredients that are: organic, bio-dynamic, wild-crafted, cruelty free, sustainable, and/or harvested with social consciousness in mind. These ingredients are not tested on animals.


We encourage environmental thoughtfulness in every step of our production - from the growth, harvesting, and processing of our raw ingredients to the packaging of our products. Our boxes and glassware are recyclable.  We pack our boxes for shipment with recycled paper materials, rather than plastic or peanuts, send digital receipts rather than paper, and minimise branding collateral that is often tossed upon delivery.


Social Consciousness

We practise consciousness of the environment, planet, and individual well-being. We believe in supporting local economies and ensuring workers in every stage of our process are paid well on fair-trade efforts in ingredient sourcing. We do our best to integrate thoughtfulness and choices into every element of our business.

Updated formula:

The updated Serum001 formula contains all the same luxurious organic actives as the original, with the exception of mica. Mul believes in sustainable and ethical sourcing, which is why we have made the decision to remove mica from our Serum 001 formula. Unfortunately, it’s an ingredient with ethical issues, child labour, and human rights abuses linked to it. Previously, we were only able to obtain the mica through a third-party supplier- this alone is an approach we have changed since Re-launching Mul. We now work directly with the farmers, making sure we know exactly how each raw material we use is sourced. And although our previous mica supplier offered a ‘100% ethically sourced’ statement, we do not have enough information on whether the mines used are compliant with labour laws, and guarantee a fair wage to their employees. 

We take extensive steps to make sure each plant and mineral is carefully sourced and evaluated, with each ingredient being inspected and approved before the unique Mul formula is produced. These raw materials are finally blended with passion and precision entirely within our Artisan Lab. 

We pride ourselves on never taking shortcuts when it comes to producing the Luxury Mul formulas. There is a zero outsourcing policy, we never purchase base formulas, nor reworked generics.

An extraordinary amount of effort goes into our sourcing, ensuring not just quality, but also that our planet and the wellbeing of our farmers have been considered and honoured. Wherever possible, we purchase organic, fair-trade, and wild-harvested raw materials, and those grown with care and intention on small family farms.

Equally important is to acknowledge and act upon causes we believe in beyond our gates. We contribute to organisations close to our hearts who are in need throughout the year.