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Our Story

Mul is the name of a mythological planet of ethereal beauty which was the inspiration behind naming our brand. In the world of Mul the most beautiful existence was the Pearl. That idea of ethereal beauty was then captured in our very first product using the most pure, organic, freshwater Pearls- creating Serum001.

We are here to encourage you to discover the power and potency provided on our planet- pure plant oils, minerals, and herbs.

Each unique plant and mineral is meticulously sourced and vetted before coming through our gates to be inspected and approved. These raw materials are finally blended with love and precision entirely within our walls. 

We are proud to be a direct-to-consumer artisanal beauty brand, focusing on our efforts on blending, filling, and shipping our small batch products right to you at home, directly from our Artisan lab.

There is no outsourcing, no purchased base formulas, no reworked generics, nor shortcuts. Each and every bottle has our eyes & hands on it. 

By sourcing the finest natural extracts that catalyse each other and harnessing the power of nature’s finest active ingredients, we can deliver results that you can see and feel, both inside and out.

Our Founder’s Story

“I’m often asked how I came to be a formulator. The answer is deeply personal for me. I come from a generation of strong women who would rely on natural ancient remedies for medicine, beauty, food and everything in between. My mother and Nanny-Ama would make hundreds of natural potions that would cure anything and everything you can imagine. From creating turmeric herbal ointment for wounds, yoghurt hair masks, botanical face oils, and natural medicines for health and wellness, they had the cure to almost everything. They inspired my love for natural wellness and self-care with their way of life and fountain of knowledge. 

I then faced a very difficult time in my life in 2013, where I developed a skin condition called Livedoid Vasculopathy. This created extremely painful lesions on my skin. There is no cure for this illness. However, upon researching and studying plant medicine I came across a natural healer of wounds- Manuka honey. I suggested this to my medical consultant at the time, who allowed me to use sterile Manuka honey bandages on my wounds. To everyone's surprise, my wounds began to heal. Ultimately, my solution was to further immerse myself in the study of plant medicine and create formulas targeted to my own challenges and goals. Over the years, my knowledge, experience, and passion evolved and took on a new focus- Mul.”


Maliha Khan Ihenacho, Mul Cosmetics Founder.